Newsletter 1, January 2019

Welcome to another year of embroidery fun, as we begin again after what I hope was a pleasant break for you all.  Now it’s time to either find the unfinished piece from last year and get going again, or perhaps you will show us what wonderful things you achieved since last time we met.  We’d love to see them.

The committee has decided to communicate with you a little differently from the way we have done in the past.  If all goes according to plan, we will, during the first week of each month, be sending out a letter in this rather more straightforward way.  That doesn’t mean the beautiful magazine-type letter of the past is never happening again, but we are in the process of deciding what the best way is to communicate and celebrate the beauty, the achievements and the fun of our art.

So, for now I want to remind you that we begin meeting again next Tuesday, the 14th January, and for the Saturday ladies, we have an extra meeting (thank you, Cordelia Robinson for making this happen) .  We meet on Saturday afternoon the 19th January, and again on the 26th.

This is also a gentle reminder that this is the time where we ask you to pay the annual subsidy for the Guild.  It is, as you remember, a once-off payment, and we are loading the amount as follows:

  • 60 years of age and under – R140
  • 60-69 years – R120
  • 70-79 years – R100
  • 80-89 years – R80.
  • 90 years + – free

For now we are keeping the cost of the tea the same as last year.

To end, I thought you might enjoy the following:

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. — Voltaire

Now the Earth with many flowers puts on her spring embroidery — Sappho

Happy embroidery!

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