Newsletter 2, February 2019

Thank you very much for the positive feedback I received for the last newsletter.  I hope it continues making the administration of the Embroiderers’ Guild easier.

The big news item for this month is that our AGM will be held on Saturday afternoon, 2nd March at 14h00 in the hall.  Hettie Moller has agreed to remain as Chair, with Cordelia Robinson as the Saturday Rep, and Wendy Hutton as Treasurer –  key positions.  Carol Walker will continue to run the Sales Table, Sue Sylvester the Teas.  Merica Swarts has stepped down as workshop co-ordinator and trainer – and that will be quite a loss, but thank you, Merica for the wonderful work you have done.  Carol Robinson will now be running the workshops on Tuesdays, and Jenni Langford on Saturdays.  Thanks to those two ladies for stepping into the space. That leaves two positions vacant.

Louise von Glehn, who with Hettie organized our library into the wonderful resource it is, has decided to relinquish the position after 5 years, and do more embroidery, so we need at least one, and preferably TWO LIBRARIANS!  I have moved into communications and publicity so there is a vacancy for the SECRETARY.  Are there people willing to take on these roles?  Or are you willing to nominate anyone for them?  Please let us know so the right forms can be filled in.  We need to have these places taken up soon.

Next Tuesday, the 5th of February are the first of our workshops.  Hettie Moller’s Advanced Smocking Course is full, unfortunately, but we are assured that she will repeat it later in the year.  There is a Beginner’s Smocking Course due on the same day, and at the moment there are another three places available (please contact Merica Swarts, 074 171 3085 if you are interested) but we are still trying to get hold of the teacher to confirm her willingness,  availability and what materials will be needed.  Merica will be in touch with those who put their names down for it when we know a bit more.  Apologies for the uncertainty, but we are working very hard to organize this and get the year off to a good start.

Thank you to those who have paid your annual subs, and if you still have to pay, please don’t forget to bring them to the next meeting.  Just to remind you:

  • 60 years of age and under – R140
  • 60-69 years – R120
  • 70-79 years – R100
  • 80-89 years – R80.
  • 90 years + – free

Thank you so much for your co operation in this.

Now to end off – I have included an interesting link which talks about the history of smocking.  The most fascinating thing is that fact that it was used as an early form of elastic!

Have a wonderful month

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