Newsletter 4, April 2019

I hope you have had a wonderful start to the year, and that your various projects are well under way.  I know we have had some lovely workshops – Jenni and the Saturday ladies with their Amish Stump Work on the two Saturdays in March, and Carol Robinson spent the last Tuesday of the month teaching Shadow Work, with the help of some of our more experienced embroiderers.

More workshops are to come.  Jenni will be teaching “Mirror Work” on both Saturdays in April. And Carol will be opening our minds and developing our creativity with some freestyle work a bit later in the year. Available details of the courses and contact numbers are available at the end of this letter.

This newsletter is for the benefit of Guild members, and I took all the email addresses from the membership list of 2018.  Members are those who have paid their annual subs by the end of February, and who attend at least 10 meeting per year. Obviously, provision is made for those who join later. Wendy has now given me the 2019 list, and there are some people who have not paid up for this year.  I know how it happens – you mean to come to meetings, but other things get in the way, and before you know what has happened, the year has gone. If you are receiving this letter, and have not joined for this year, please consider coming back.  We do miss you, and would love to see you again. I will be editing the address lists during this month, and will be deleting anyone who is not on Wendy’s latest list, or who has not come back, and I don’t want to take off anyone I don’t have to!

This month, I have included some quotations about embroidery.  Some are a bit strange, but others you may find interesting and amusing.

The Tuesday workshops

Please contact  Carol Robinson

The Saturday workshops in April

Mirror Work (Shisha Stitches)

We will be making Scissors Keepers, to hold 3 pairs of scissors.

Kit supplied (R25.00 each)




What to bring

Crewel Needles


Cardboard A4 (If you would like the Scissors Keeper Pattern)

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