Newsletter – September 2019

This letter goes out to you on the first day of Spring. I’m sure there is a lot to inspire us in our craft, and the beautiful fresh green colours which are available these days will be very conducive to wonderful creative efforts.

Some sad news – one of our members, Riana Dijkman died last week after a long struggle with cancer. We remember her not only for the wonderful lace that she made, and her exceptional embroidery as well as the lovely clothes she made and wore, but more particularly for her courage. She chose her path, and made sure that those around her would have the easiest time possible, and to that end, we remember, she sold the wonderful store of sewing, knitting and embroidery things she had so that her family would not be burdened with it after her death. We could learn a lot from a person like her. For those of you who able to attend, her funeral details are as follows:

Wednesday 4 September 2019
Florida Methodist Church, Cnr 7th Avenue and Madeline Street, Florida.

Another form of courage which we need to acknowledge is that of Fatima Bhabha, who nursed a very ill husband for a long time, and who is now in the mourning period following his death. Our condolences go to you, Fatima, and we are all thinking of you at this time.

Our Ighali project is ongoing and out thanks go to Toni Olivier who is making great strides with it. She has managed to acquire some impressive sponsorships to start us on our way, although, obviously, there will be more money needed. I have attached pictures of the very beautiful gifts which have been made by two of our members, Merica Swart has created cute little pincushions, and Robyn de Klerk has made an impressive pile of tissue holders. Both useful gifts, and they will enable the Guild to hold its head up high! Thank you to them, and also to all who are helping with this effort in various ways.

Happy Spring Day

Tissue holders made by Robyn de Klerk for Ighali.

Pincushions made by Merica Swart for Ighali.

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