Newsetter — March 2021

The year is rushing by. It is exactly a year since we last met over tables and with tea and chat and the library and Janice and Sue’s pop up shops, over in Roosevelt Park. We have learnt a lot – particularly about how to communicate via the internet. We have lost two dear friends, Myrna and Leone, but we have made so many more by our interactions with one another. In addition … we are just less than four months to the deadline date for our “Eye of the Needle” project. Some work has come in, and we are looking forward to what other people are doing. But it’s also true that many of us are in a rather restless place at the moment. The end of the pandemic is in sight (on a very far horizon) and we are very tired of constantly looking over our shoulder at those who are too close/not wearing masks etc. While some of us have been meeting in small groups, “the vulnerable” are still being careful, and meetings as they used to be aren’t happening yet. It’s very easy to fall into a state of ennui so I am including an interesting link to a site which tells us how to motivate ourselves to get on with those UFOs which sit in our houses just LOOKING at us! (it’s a crochet site, but the suggestions work just as well for embroidery) Here is the link:

I think we should take time to thank Danny and the committee for keeping us going over this difficult year. There have been lots of ideas, and we are all glad that this committee is continuing for another year. We will also send Helen O’Hanrahan a virtual bottle of Whiskey for cutting swathes through the jungle of our online banking ignorance. Thank you Helen, and I hope, if you have not yet managed to match donor and payment, that at least you have shown a profit.

The Saturday WhatsApp group has been going for some time, but Hilary Walker initiated and runs the “Switch on Stich on” group which includes everyone, but many of the contributions come from the Tuesday group. Hilary was also the brains behind the “Eye of the Needle” project, and she is the one who is taking herself off to Roosevelt Park every last Saturday of the month to collect our contributions, although I believe there are others who help her there. She really has been a significant player in this difficult year. When we know who they are, we will also be able to thank those who will be putting it all together. Thank you too, to Mary Lou and Merica and Robyn who have been/are keeping our Instagram page going. What an amazing display! And how good you all have been for keeping on keeping on, with lovely work, happy thoughts and altogether maintaining the spirit of the Guild. It is truly a privilege to be part of this exceptional group of people, and even more so, to serve under the exceptional leadership of our Chairlady, Danny.

So, not much else at the moment. I hope you have made the most of whatever Sales have been happening, and if any of you are getting down to charitable knitting/crocheting/sewing to help the many who are really struggling as a result of this hard year, that you may find joy in your giving, and that you don’t have to stay up TOO late to fit in the embroidery you really want to do.

Have a good month!