Newsletter — June 2021

I hope you are doing well in this cold part of the year. In two weeks’ time we reach the shortest day, then we can look forward to Spring, to warmer weather, and, hopefully, greater vaccine availability, and also to our being able to meet again sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, because of the spike in infections in Gauteng, and those falling ill with Covid have now included some of our members, the committee has taken the sensible decision to cancel meetings for the time being. It’s sad, but it’s the only responsible thing to do.

This month, our condolences go to Mavis Scholes, whose son, Professor Bob Scholes died of a heart attack in Namibia recently. He was one of the world-wide authorities on climate change and sustainability, and this is a great loss to all of us. Our thoughts and prayers go to Mavis and her family.

We also lost Mrs Oberholzer — long-time owner and manager of Threads, that one-of-a-kind embroidery shop in Linden. The house has been sold, but her two daughters are continuing from new premises in Linden. It’s number 60, 6th Street. To find it, come out of Arthur Bales’ shop, turn right, at the first corner turn right again, and it’s on the right hand side, the last block of flats before the shops on the corner. It’s one of the ground floor flats, the notice is on the outside, and Joan runs it on Tuesday to Friday mornings, and Elise on Saturday mornings. It’s bigger than the other shop, and they have increased their supply of embroidery wools. I suggest you phone before you go because on some days they are open from 10h00 until 14h00, and others until 12h00. The number is 082 344 2406.

Back to the Guild. We are very grateful to Hettie who has travelled more than the extra mile and left the onerous job of Chairperson, to take on the time-consuming one of the Secretary on the committee, a position she will have held of three years by the end of this year. She has to step down in terms of the Constitution, and we are very glad indeed that Toni (Olivier) Billings has agreed to take over. She will be in training alongside Heath for the rest of this year, and we welcome her as a ci-opted member on to the committee for now.

Our Covid project, “Through the Eye of a Needle” draws to a close this month. Some lovely things have come in, and we are looking forward to a splendid final work of art. Although we aren’t meeting at the moment, so you can’t hand them in at meetings, Jenni Langford will be at the Roosevelt Park recreation centre where we usually have our meetings, at 14h30 on Saturday 26th June to collect the last ones. If that is not possible, and you would like to hand your contribution in earlier, you can still leave them at Ribbonfields or Buttons and Bows and I’ll collect them from there. Please just send me (Margaret Place) a WhatsApp to let me know when you have dropped them off so I know to go and fetch them. A few things have come via that route, but the shops don’t always phone me immediately and I would hate you to miss the cut-off time. Download the form from this website and fill it in to accompany your piece of art.

Finally, Jenni Langford took notes at a talk she attended she attended and wants to pass on to all of us. Thank you Jenni!

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Embroidery

Happy sewing , keep warm, and we look forward to your embroidery work on our project.