Newsletter — June 2023

Hello everyone,

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim members. We hope you all had a happy and peaceful Eid al Adha.

Mid-winter has certainly hit us with a bang. The images of snow on the Drakensberg, and all over the Cape, as well as the excessive rainfall and associated flooding have been incredible. Its clear that extraordinary climatic events are becoming more and more common. The Winter solstice has passed and now the days are getting longer, even if we can expect many cold days in the next six weeks. Winter solstice at my son’s school was always celebrated as the festival of St John:  a festival of rebirth with a bonfire and singing. The children made lanterns and we all brought soup. A precious memory.

Happy Birthday to our members who have birthdays in July and many, many more.



Alice Per continues to run external workshops on a Saturday. If you know someone interested in embroidery, please contact us.


The next internal workshop will be on the 8th and 24th of July when Jenny Langord will be teaching felt applique. 

This is one of the designs she has prepared, and she also has a house and a bunch of flowers.

After the successes of the Dorset Buttons and Ribbon Embroidery, these are sure to be wonderful. 

Please let Jenni know if you want to attend and she will send you the details and include you on the Workshop WhatsApp group. 


These will be held during September, and November. 

Goldwork: 10 and 24 September (bring your own kit and equipment) 

Smocking: November date still to be finalised with Helen O’H who will be teaching it.

Those attending the Goldwork workshop, please be on the lookout for gold thread and other similar materials, as we are not making up a kit. Jenni has contacted Spinnering and Diana van der Walt has a few Gold Work items in stock. Jenni can forward details if anyone would like to know more.

PATTERN RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET  This is a site run by the wonderful Mary Corbett who has a number of You Tube channels and is an excellent teacher.

Anyone who is on Instagram will know that there are a myriad of accounts with amazing embroidery. The Royal School of Needlework is a good place to start  @royalneedlework 

Vervaco, a Belgian needlework company, has a regular ‘Secret Stich- along’. If you are interested, here is a link:

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties registering, and we will try to help you. (Spoiler alert: this one is cross stitch)


Linda Putter ran the sales table in June, and we raised a decent amount of money for the Guild. We welcome anyone who would like to sell at the Sales: you run your own table, enjoy Linda’s company, and give us 10% of your turnover, on an honesty basis. Thank you Linda for your ongoing help with this least glamourous of roles.



Our inaugural “Show and Tell” displays  were held on the 24th and 27th of June. To say they were a success is an understatement. 

Members voted for their favourites and on Saturday these were Tricia Leishman’s Bee eater and Aneeba Imran’s Memory Book.

On Tuesday the winners were Janet Holloway’s beautiful table runner and Sarie Sawers’ Rhino. 

Some of the other items on display:

We will be holding these displays regularly. If anyone has a suggestion for a theme, feel free to drop it into the suggestion box. These events are meant to be a bit of fun, and to other work.

In terms of the Constitution, they are also to allow members to share other kinds of crafts which they do, with each other. They do not have to be embroidery related as it is a chance for people to see what else is out there.


We have bought two new (second-hand) cupboards to store the workshop equipment and other stuff in. These will all be in the Strelitzia store and once we’ve moved everything, our workshop stash and other resources will be moved to its own cupboard. Hopefully this will make things much easier for Alice and Jenni.


We have bought two plaques for the donated embroideries at the SAVF centre and the Trinity Methodist Church:


Work on the next Market is proceeding. These are the initial details:

  • 2nd September 2023 at the Linden Methodist Church
  • One Table and one chair, bring your own table cloth
  • R100.00
  • R10.00 entrance fee

Please contact Helen O’H to book a table. As with last year, the YOCO machine will be available. We will not be taking a percentage, just the cost of the table.


Toni will continue to sell her threads and other delights on the first Tuesday and the first Saturday. As mentioned before, she also now has stock of Chameleon and House of Embroidery threads. Please do support Toni.


The committee at the moment is

  • Danny, Helen, Jenni, Diane, Agness
  • Linda Putter for Sales (we are still trying to get her agree to be co-opted)
  • Ciairan (Tea) (alternate)

Anyone willing to assist as an alternate or has a particular interest in an aspect of the committee’s work, please let me know. You will be very, very welcome.


Dear Agness had to return to surgery for an additional clean out of her wound. She is making an excellent recovery and is as always, so cheerful, loving, and kind. She is an inspiration. Hilary Walker very kindly visited Agness and anyone else who would like to do so, please contact Danny for details if you need them.

Both Alice Per and Danny Wimpey suffered a trauma in June as their husband’s fell, in separate incidents, and each suffered a cracked rib. So painful, and very difficult for the person taking care of the injured. Please send us your strength. 😊

Our name badges are here. Please collect them from Helen and bring R35 if you have not already paid.

Please send me any members’ news you would like to (and may) include here.


Raffle tickets in aid of Ighali are R5.00 each, and they will be on sale until the end of July. The draw will be conducted by Ina to ensure impartiality. Contact Helen or any other committee member.


The committee has decided to buy this beautiful book by Trish Burr. We have ordered it and will let you know when it arrives which will probably be in mid-July.

You can find it on her website:


Please remember to put your name on the tea roster. The way we find works best is to join with someone. The Tuesday roster is on the inside of the tea cupboard. Please ask Jenni or Di for the Saturday roster. Thank you everyone who has already brought tea this year. It is always appreciated.

Stay warm in July, not long to go.

To contact the Committee or Guild members, please email us:

Newsletter — August 2022

Another month gone, and another month nearer to springtime. It has been wonderful meeting again, both Tuesdays and Saturdays, although it’s a pity so few people have taken advantage of the opportunity. We will be meeting again on the 13th August at 09h30, and then on Tuesday the 16th at 10h30, both at St Martin’s in-the-Veld church. Let’s try and spend a bit of time with one another to keep up our art and to keep in contact with other members. Since President Ramaphosa’s announcement about the abating of the pandemic at the moment, we will no longer insist on vaccination certificates or masks, but we will continue to keep doors and windows open, and anyone who feels vulnerable is welcome to keep their mask on and to move their chair to a distance they feel comfortable with.

It appears that the Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre still has a “snag list” to complete, but we are cautiously optimistic that the end may be in sight. No definite date yet, but we’ll keep you informed. 

Please would you pay your dues to Helen O’Hanrahan, either at the meetings or online. The fees for this half-year are R50, and we are going to re-think how it all works at some stage next year when (hopefully) we are back at the Rec.

The Flag is an ongoing project. Since it is government, there will probably be tenders and we have to abide by the processes. Materials are being sourced, and plans and designs are underway. While the waiting is frustrating, it IS going to happen, and we will keep you informed along the way.

The year-end Craft market IS going ahead, and everything is in preparation for that. Please continue preparing for it. 

Finally, unfortunately I have been asked by Jenni to post the notice below from Trish Burr. Theft takes all sorts of forms, and embroidery designers are no exception. If you are a supporter of Trish’s designs and do shop on Etsy, be aware of this person who is guilty of copyright infringement. 

Until next time, keep sewing.

Trish Burr Embroidery Blog

Copyright Infringement

Jul 30
Hello everyonePlease take note of this buyer and share it with any friends that make purchases on Etsy – she has copied and is selling illegally many of my patterns on her site ALISA HANDICRAFTS.
As you know this is an ongoing problem which I am having to address on a regular basis. I appreciate your support.
Thank you